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MAY 2003

Allright folks!! A wonderful school year is over for me and I am back in Istanbul/Turkey ready for some noisy summer action. Asalak Terör - demo 01 is out now!! It's my DIY shit/noise project. Really disturbing soundscapes, noises, radio chaos and shit vocal attack! I hope you guys like it. I am currently looking for bands/projects to make some splits and collaborations maybe. So please e-mail/snail mail me if you are interested. All DIY styles and genres are welcomed, but absolutely NO sexist, homophobic, nazi, degrading porn shit of course!! Freedom to all sexes and ideas!

Many new releases are already planned and ready for the light of day. All this stuff must be out hopefully before the end of May:

009 - SAAEI "Splitting Headache" demo re-release: SAAEI is the great fun noisecore band of my great friend Rogier Kuzee from Mangled Maggot Stew(HOL). This was originally released from MMS some time ago (I don't know when) and Rogier came up with this offer and I accepted immediately. Expect some wacky ass improvised madness soon!! Thanx alot to Rogier and all guys in SAAEI.
010 - AMA Tapes compilation tape/cd-r: Yes it is gonna be my first compilation, or rather a multi-band split I must say. Probably 7 or 8 bands are gonna appear, each band with 10 minutes of material. Here are the bands that already sent their stuff and certain to take part in this project. Some are: Malignant Tumour(CZE/HOL), Stress(MEX), Social Sterility(SWE), Dezinfekce(CZE), Agathocles(BEL), KxOxLxPxA(TUR), Your Kingdom is Doomed(TUR) and some more hopefully. Many other bands said ok to send their stuff, so I will probably wait for 1-2 weeks and see what is happening. This stands as a tribute to all the great memories I had with AMA Tapes since it's beginning 2,5 years ago. It is a way to serve my gratitude to all the great people I met for these short years. I am currently in contact with Bora from Extreme Response Productions(TUR), and we are thinking of releasing this both in tape and cd-r format. The layout will be close to a pro-release and you can also expect some top quality DIY noise here. Also Atilla brothers from great DIY punk/hc distro Ats2 Prod. will help this come to life. So a big cheers to all bands, people etc that helped me share my passion. Thanx a TON guys!!!
011 - KxOxLxPxA "Rehearsal/Demo Tape #1": After the 2 splits w/Brain Numb and Winters in Osaka, it is time for KxOxLxPxA to appear on it's own. It will include many tracks (close to 100 I guess, since there is 1,5 hours of unreleased material), all of them recorded in different times in Miami. Some are more in the older vein, shitty mouth/desktop shit sociopolitical hc/grind, while in others I used actual guitars and vocals. I think those songs are the best so far and it definitely has a style of it's own. So all fans of DIY obscure stuff, check this out.
AMAfan 002 - Gelecek #2: I am putting out a fanzine out soon hopefully. It is a follow up to the first issue. It will include some interviews and many reviews hopefully. The genres are hardcore/grindcore/power violence/noise and some gore I think. This will take me a while but it should be out before July. I am thinking of releasing it as a split fanzine w/Aparkat #2, another hardcore fanzine out of Turkey.

I am trying to gather money for a vinyl release from Impregnate Noise Productions(CZE) AMA Tapes will take part hopefully, being this is my first vinyl collaboration with many other DIY labels from all over the world. More info coming on this soon..

So this is pretty much it for now.. Please contact me for more info/friendship/trades/collaborations etc.. take care & cheers!!



The new release is out!! KxOxLxPxA/Winters in Osaka split tape (c40).


Holla everybody. AMA 006: CrowdSurfersMustDie Discography c90 is out now. 90 minutes of ape-fucking noisecore. They are from Holland and this tape contains their first demo, splits, comp trax and live recordings. DIY tape with B/W insert + trax list. Limited to 50 hand numbered copies only!! 3$


Holla everybody wassup? I already recorded some new KxOxLxPxA stuff for various releases coming on. Nothing is determined yet but we'll see soon. There is also a new release planned soon: CSMD Discography tape. I'm still waiting for the guys to send the master tape out. That's it folks!

KxOxLxPxA/Brain Numb split tape is out now!! KxOxLxPxA is a desktop grind project, very DIY only recorded with some books, pencils, sheer growling & screaming and with a microphone. Brain Numb is typical radio-static harshnoise done by me too. Totally color insert with quality. This is the 5th AMA release by the way. I can trade or accept cash orders. All suggestions are welcome. That's all folks! Take care & cheers...


A new release is coming right after new year from AMA Tapes. It will be a split tape of my desktop grind project KxOxLxPxA and another harsh noise band of mine. KxOxLxPxA is a weird one-man grind band recorded DIY with a microphone. Only a book, 2 pencils and my voice are used for instruments. I call this new style "desktop grind" cuz it's recorded on my desk while endless study breaks for exams. Ahahah! Other project is a radio-static harsh noise attack, yet to be named at this moment. I have to find a good name for it. At this moment, all the recodings are done for both projects. Expect a good 40 minutes DIY split tape from AMA Tapes after New Year... cheers!


16 september 2002

Hello folks!! I'm back and I'm now in Miami. The distro is still active and actually more than active. Some releases are coming up shortly and you can order anytime you want. I have access to internet anytime I want & I got a new stereo. So there aren't any problems right now...


July 15th 2002

Guestbook added ! feel free to leave a message


July 8th 2002

new website ! new stuff in distro !